The Blessing of Our Children's Ministry

by Drew Starnes

Our family moved to Tyler roughly two and half years ago and leaving Houston was a very difficult decision for us. We hated to leave friends and family behind, but leaving our church family was especially difficult. This made finding a church family in Tyler, where we could become active servants, very important.

We searched around the Tyler area by visiting different churches of different denominations. Many of these churches offered us great opportunities to serve but we wanted a church home where our child, Cooper, would feel comfortable - and being an energetic two year old made this extremely difficult.

When we visited First Presbyterian for the first time, we were very pleased to see how accommodating the children's program was. The nursery workers are top notch and the children’s church program is a great service. Along with the Sunday services, our nursery provides childcare services for any church function - on or off site.  This allows parents to gather in fellowship and meet other members of the church. In addition, the "First Friday Fun" program, a monthly evening childcare program that provides fun activities for the kids so parents can have a date night or get necessary duties accomplished, is a true service.

We are proud to be a part of First Presbyterian Church of Tyler and hope that we will be servants for this church community and the community of Tyler for many years to come.

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