My Faith Roots

by Jessica Cox

I’m a lifelong Presbyterian.  In fact, I was baptized in our sanctuary when I was 4.  I still remember walking down that really long aisle and looking up at the chandeliers.  I was in awe!  It obviously made a huge impression on me as I can still see it in my mind’s eye.

I also attended kindergarten here.  I loved the cat clock that’s eyes went back and forth.  Oh, and I had to memorize the children’s catechism book that Stuart spoke of last week.
Our church laid the foundation of my faith.  I got my “faith roots” here as a child and they have grown and sustained me throughout my life.  This foundation has provided me with opportunities to spread my wings and grow in my Christian faith.

The foundation that was established at age four led me to be a Sunday school teacher when I was in high school.  It also led me to attend the Presbyterian Church in Lubbock when I attended Texas Tech and then attend a Presbyterian church in Honolulu when I took summer classes there.  Now, seriously, how many freshman in college attend church regularly?  (Truth be known, I probably needed that prayer of confession by Sunday each week!)

This same foundation led me to raise my children in the Presbyterian faith.  It inspired me to accept the nomination to be an elder when I was in my twenties and continue accepting throughout the years.

This church and the foundation it laid prepared me to step up when needed and fill the pulpit when our tiny Missouri church was without a minister. 

I came home to our church 12 years ago when my mother needed me and once again this very church led me to serve as a deacon, to serve on various committees, to fill in as the interim children’s director, and to be blessed leading the Sunday Circle.  I could go on and on with what this church has led me to do, has inspired me to do, has given me the confidence to do, but mainly allowed me to do.

The faith journey that originated in this very church gave me the strength in March to honor my mother’s request.  She always said I was the only one strong enough to carry out her wishes of not being placed on life support.  The people of this church - my church family - my faith, and the deep faith of my mother gave me the strength to give her that gift because I knew she was ready to go home.

So, what does this church mean to me?  Everything….this church started me on a faith journey so rooted and strong that I’m still traveling it today.