Haitian Mission Team Gives Thanks

by Sally Smith-Garmon

Dan Daniel and I will be traveling to Haiti on December 6, working with a larger team to make needed repairs to solar-powered clean water systems previously installed but damaged by Hurricane Matthew. We will also be providing aid where needed.

Many thanks to David Edwards from First Presbyterian Church Lumberton, North Carolina, for furnishing the water test materials from Living Waters for the World. The team is taking them, including a water hardness test kit, to determine what equipment might be needed. I am completely satisfied from my research that the Living Waters for the World equipment can, and does filter and treat organisms.  

A big thank you goes to FPC's Sewing Bees - ironing, cutting, stitching, purchasing fabric, organizing workshops...many hands and hearts have participated. We are aware of all of your contributions for clothing for the children in Haiti and because of that many children will know that Christ is alive and well. We carry you all in our hearts every time we go to Haiti.  

I'm deeply appreciative of all of you who have developed and supported our mission team in Haiti. On behalf of those of us privileged to have served there from this congregation, thank you! We take a little piece of all of you with us every time that we go. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, and that could only be possible through Jesus Christ. 

There is much good work to be done in Haiti. I must say that I feel very privileged to be able to go and serve Christ in Haiti, again.

Matthew 19:26: with God, all things are possible.