A Precious Cornerstone For A Sure Foundation

by Phyllis Kidwell, Director of Children’s Ministries

Vacation Bible School (VBS) looks a little different this year. In the past, we have used themes that teach the children who attend about the mission programs that our local church supports, such as Solar Under the Sun and Living Waters for the World.  This year, we are learning about safe housing and community assistance, using the scriptural reference from Isaiah 28, “…a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation.” 

Since our participants are too young to actually build on site, the youth of our church are creating a cardboard city.  The youth have already started the building process, and it should all be in place by the start of VBS, on Thursday, August 4th, at 5:30 p.m.  We will continue on Friday evening, at 5:30 and finish on Saturday, meeting from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. 

During our time together, our evenings will begin with dinner shared by the children, youth and adult helpers. We will decorate the cardboard city our youth have created, make some stepping stones, practice basic energizers and learn some fun music. Many of our FPC youth will assist in various ways, as they have in the past.  

The stepping stones we make will be placed just beyond the children’s garden which we share with the Azalea Academy Exceptional Students. The garden is located on the east side of the parking lot. If you haven’t been there, check it out! Vegetables and flowers are growing all summer long. (As a side note – during the spring and summer, the children visit the garden during children’s church. We gather ripe produce to share in their homes, and pray for those who are hungry and do not have enough food.)  

In preparation for this year’s VBS, here’s what we need from you, the church:

Prayer for the participants – children we know and those God will send;

Prayers for the youth and adults that will facilitate the event;

Cardboard – larger pieces can be delivered to the church any time before July 30th;

Markers – any size, any colors; and 

Your attendance at the hamburger and hot dog cookout on Saturday, August 6th, starting noon. The men of the church will prepare our food so we are assured a good meal!

Join us as we prepare and when we celebrate building christians on the foundation of Jesus Christ!