Our Hats Off To Our Student Ministries Leaders!

Student Ministries at FPC-Tyler is beyond blessed to have an amazing group of sponsors and teachers coming aboard for the 2017-2018 program year! We would like to say THANK YOU in advance for all the wonderful experiences you create, relationships you build, and growth that you will cultivate in the lives of our students! We’d like to give special thanks to:

Student Ministry Team:
Jennifer Ainsworth, Celia Bunt, Fran Cooper, Vivien Duarte, Jim Noble, Jeanne Stovall and Florrie Wallace

Sunday Morning Teachers:
Margaret Bjork, Chris Bunt, Mark Dahlgren, Dan Daniel, Robyn Files,  Debbie Finley, Ruth Hardy, Patty Kirkpatrick, Ginny Mattox, David Palady, Roger Pierce, Debbie Pitts, Paul Pitts,  Richard Poynor, Laura Swartz, Glen Van Dyke and Ruth Ann Van Dyke

Sunday Morning Sponsors:
Charley Ainsworth, Louree Alexander, Kathy Babin, Jennifer Bennett, Curtis Cooper, Tad Hillin, Mike Jones, Jim Post, Lynda Womack and Skip Womack

Recreation Leaders:
Sarah Baskin, Katy Davis,  Jane Lackey and Cory Schmoker

HS Small Group Sponsors:
Mallorie Farmer, Matt Gabriel and Pam Gabriel

Youth Group Sponsors:
Casey Johnso, Jill O’Farrell, Richard Lee, Julie Philley, Janet Stanford and Vandy Dubre

Youth Parking Lot Sponsors:
Joe Hewitt and Trey Morgan

Youth Encouragers:
Buck Files, Linda Pirtle and Cynthia Welch

Confirmation Mentors:
Amy Baskin, Mollie Bobo, Jan Carpenter, Judith Guthrie, Jim Hardy, John Heines and Lynn Heines

College Age Ministry:
Cassie Edmonds, Patty Kirkpatrick, Sally Smith-Garmon and Becky Western

Coordinators/Special Events:
Sunni Brookshire—Youth Birthday Cards; Lindy Goode—HS Youth Care; Kristin Hoyer—Youth Group Meals; Debbie Jones—Youth Fundraising; Luci Morgan—Youth Group Meals; Libby Simmons—Youth Fundraising; Gerald Verbeek—Souper Bowl of Caring

Thank you again everyone serving this year in all the areas of our ministry! We couldn’t do the work we’re doing without people like you! Thank you for sharing your gifts with our church and these students!