FPC’s Presbyterian Women’s Participation in Fellowship of the Least Coin

In 1956, the United Presbyterian Church in the USA sponsored a small team of women, led by Margaret Shannon, to visit Asian countries torn by the crisis of World War II. They sought peace and reconciliation with the people there. From this visit came a vision for a Fellowship of the Least Coin. Women across the world were encouraged to pray for peace, justice and reconciliation while contributing the “least coin” of their cultures. This approach allowed equality in giving despite economic circumstances.

Women in our Presbyterian Circles have participated in this effort for many decades. Monies collected from around the world are combined to award grants to individual projects, church conferences and organizations. Most of these projects support the needs of women and children in the U.S. and abroad. 

Locally, when FPC’s Presbyterian Women circles meet, we read a devotional related to this offering. Circle members contribute the “least coin” in their possession at each meeting - with some of our ladies put aside a penny each time they pray.