A Fond Farewell from Lee Kohlenberg

by Lee Kohlenberg
Interim Director of Music and Organist-Choirmaster


Dear Congregation,

I want to extend my grateful thanks for your welcoming graciousness and support of me during my ten months here at First Presbyterian Church-Tyler as Interim Director of Music and Organist-Choirmaster.  I haveenjoyed sharing my favorite organ music and my interpretation of service music and hymns on your two fine organs.  It was also quite a joy to rehearse, train, and hone your excellent Chancel Choir in offering their talents through some very beautiful choral music. Special thanks to Andy Martinez for his conducting in the back of the church. 

In addition, I want to thank The Rev. Stuart Baskin, Pastor and the staff (especially Susie Holley) for their leadership as well as their patience and trust in me.  

It was a joy for me to bring to a conclusion my life’s work as full-time organist-choirmaster here. I will continue in limited substitute work as God leads and provides back in Charleston, South Carolina.  Elsie and I will miss you as a group and as individuals and will continue to pray for the ministry of Weston Jennings as he begins in August as your permanent Music Director and Organist-choirmaster.