Home Is Where The Heart Is

By Karen Novy

Some people say, "home is where the heart is.” If that’s true, welcome to my home because my heart is here at First Presbyterian Church.  I’ve been fortunate to be allowed to serve God from doing something as simple as replacing cards in the pews to serving as an elder and many things in between.

When we lived in Jamaica, we attended church most Sundays but I found the level of preaching and teaching to be on a 6th grade level - certainly not like it is here! I kept telling God when we got back to Tyler, I wanted to be involved in a Bible study group.  Well, you’ve also heard, “be careful what you ask for."

Soon after we returned here everyone was signing up for the small group Lenten study.  I registered with a group led by Jan Carpenter and Ruth Hardy.  The study was great.  Following this study,  they invited everyone to continue in their Thursday morning weekly study.  I thought this might be an answer to my prayers, so I continued.

Little did I know that I would go from being a student to being one of the facilitators.  That also lead to working with Marjorie Mustard and being in charge of one of the groups studying the Bible in 90 days.  In addition, God opened the way for me to be a Bible moderator for my Presbyterian Women's circle for over 10 years.  Like I said, be careful what you ask for!

My plan had been to just be a student.  God’s plan was to push me harder so I would study harder and learn more by leading.  Isn’t it amazing how God knows each of us so well?

Opportunities abound for all of us here at First Presbyterian.  Just listen for the direction God may be leading----and then follow and maybe you can call this YOUR home, too.

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