FPC Mission Co-workers in Zambia

by Ginny Maddox

The Mission Committee recommended that the Session of FPC Tyler formally adopt Melissa and Charles Johnson, PCUSA Mission Co-Workers in Zambia, as Global Mission Partners supported by the church. The motion was approved! FPC Tyler will support the Johnsons through prayers, communi- cation, and a minimum yearly financial support of $2,000. They will be listed as staff/partners in the bulletin. 

Charles and Melissa have been invited to help the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian’s Zambia Synod expand its ministry of community development and food security. Charles will serve as a development specialist, and Melissa will support him in this role. They will focus heavily on developing the Chasefu Model Farm, an agricultural project of Chasefu Theological College. The farm feeds the students and also provides opportunities for future pastors to learn agricultural techniques. The intent is for pastors to be able to supplement their income through farming and share their agricultural knowledge with the communities they serve. Chasefu Farm also provides local farmers opportunities to learn innovative approaches to agriculture. In addition to agriculture, the Johnsons will work with the CCAP on projects related to clean water, micro-credit, health, and education. 

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