Family of Faith in Action: Small Group Meetings For Stewardship

for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also
— Matthew 6-21

October is Stewardship Month in the life of the Church,  and our focus is Family of Faith in Action. In addition to lessons from the pulpit and written materials about stewardship, small group meetings will be held in the homes of member volunteers. 

These small group meetings provide opportunities to share information about FPC programs and financial planning, as well as to fellowship. Church families will receive invitations in September, and meetings will be held October 8-30. Alternate dates can be arranged for anyone with a conflict on their assigned date and time. These meetings will enhance our relationship with the Church and with our fellow members. 

God’s goodness flows through us to others when we put our Family of Faith in Action. We will explore sharing His blessings through hospitality, caring for the poor and broken, teaching, strengthening others faith, supporting programs and missions, appreciating our employees, maintaining facilities, and implementing new ministries. Everyone’s time, talent, money, and prayer is vital to doing the work of the Lord through FPC. We need your pledge and your commitment. 

Join us in learning about the role of stewardship in worship. Feel the joy of having your heart follow your treasure as we commit to sharing the Lord’s bounty through our Family of Faith in Action.

Yours in Christ,
Your Stewardship Committee