A word or two from Phyllis Kidwell...

“Goodbyes are always hard, and this one is no exception. I want to thank all of you that comprise First Presbyterian Church- Tyler and let you know what a delight it has been to be here for the last six years. I have made many friends of all ages. I have been stretched in my work with Grace Presbytery with your support. Please know that leaving your congregation is bittersweet for me. Yet, it is time for me to go.

I want to thank you for letting me be a part of the ministry to your most precious gifts, your children and grandchildren. They are an inspiration to us on so many levels. You truly have a prize in them – they are curious, smart, knowledgeable, and talented. I know you will continue to treasure them and the role they play in the congregation. They are a precious lot. 

Know that you will be missed in the days ahead as I transition to retirement. My coworkers have been most supportive in my work and in this transition. John and I do plan to come to worship here from time to time. I can hardly wait to pass the peace with you again, here or at a Grace Presbytery meeting.”

Phyllis Kidwell 

We are thankful for Phyllis Kidwell. After 6 years of working for FPC-Tyler, Phyllis will be retiring. Sunday, September 8 will be her last day. Phyllis has headed FPC’s children’s ministries and christian education programs. Before she came to FPC, she was in service to FPC-Athens. Phyllis has also served Grace Presbytery as the 2018-19 Moderator, a member of the Presbytery Council and currently serves on the personnel committee. We are very grateful to Phyllis for her contributions to FPC and the larger church. Phyllis you will be missed!

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