The Rev. Dr. Stuart Baskin Plans Sabbatical

By now, most everyone knows that Dr. Stuart Baskin will go on sabbatical this summer. You might like to know some details.

FPC’s Personnel Policy has for many years included a provision for sabbatical leave. Ordinarily, this would happen after seven years of service to the church. When the church celebrated Dr. Baskin’s 10th anniversary of service to the church, discussion of a sabbatical began in earnest. Only now are those plans coming to fruition.

His sabbatical will commence Monday, May 6 and conclude Monday, September 2 (Labor Day). He’ll be back in the office September 3, and resume his preaching duties on Sunday, September 8, which is also Rally Day.

What will he do on sabbatical? For the most part, Dr. Baskin will stay at his family home in Marlin, Texas. But he will also travel a bit. There is a long-planned trip to Scotland, where he will run a marathon in Edinburgh on May 26. He also plans to take a few road trips to see different parts of the United States he’s never visited before, primarily in the west and in the mountain states. But mostly, he’ll just rest and read. He hopes to catch up on some theological works he’s been wanting to read for some time.

When he returns in September, he hopes to be “refreshed, restored, and renewed,” ready to jump back in as our church enters a season of celebration of our sesquicentennial.

While he’s away, Pamela Leach and Jenni Marshall will perform his pastoral duties, including preaching, worship leadership, moderating the Session, and taking care of any emergencies that arise. They are both tremendously capable and will do a tremendous job.

Your prayers and support are deeply appreciated by Dr. Baskin as he prepares for this important time of rest.