The Labyrinth - A Pathway of Prayer

As Christians we require prayer and meditation to develop a relationship with God. In the Lenten season, we especially dedicate time to introspection. The Labyrinth is an ancient tool which helps with inward focus and a route for just this kind of prayer.  Although labyrinths predate Christianity, early believers incorporated them into their prayer life, allowing them peaceful reflection and focus on God before following the path back into the world to minister in God’s name.

The labyrinth is an ancient tool for walking meditation: it looks like a maze, but you can’t get lost!  Historically, ancient Christians used this path of worship to pray to a Triune God. In our modern Presbyterian time, the Labyrinth is a method of quiet prayer in which one follows a set route while focusing inward on one’s faith and outward on God. 

Claudia and Otis Carroll's Labyrinth at their home on Eastside Road in Tyler.

On April 8, all are invited to experience Claudia and Otis Carroll’s outdoor labyrinth beginning at 12pm. You may come and go at your own pace. Family time will be from 4-5 pm when assistance with child care will be provided on site. Visit labyrinth for more information and directions.