True to our Presbyterian roots,
we're serious about Christian Education.

Whether in Sunday school, small groups, or even in individual study, we strive to think critically about our faith—by examining the Scriptures, delving into biblically based studies, and sharing our observations with one another. And in a congregation of staunch practitioners of self-governance, Christian Education is no exception. Members take an active role in shaping class content and leading groups, creating a lively culture of discussion, scriptural engagement, and ultimately fellowship.

  • Sunday School
  • Small Groups
  • Core Ed
  • Seasonal Study

Sunday School

Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. in the Christian Education wing of the main building. Join us for coffee and fellowship before or after in the Hill Room | M 107.


Young adults—both couples and singles—choose topical studies and engage in group discussion. They often meet outside of Sunday mornings, too.
Room M 209 | Class contact: Drew Starnes.

Faith Builders

A collective desire for in-depth study of the Bible motivates this class, which is built on group discussion and close reading of the Scriptures.
Room M 202 | Class contact: Bob Schmoker.

The Forum

A diverse group explores a wide variety of topical studies, with a focus on video and presentation followed by lively discussion.
Room M 205 | Class contact: Chris Bunt.


Senior adults study The Present Word, a classic Presbyterian curriculum published quarterly that aims to connect faith and life through a deepened relationship with God.
Room M 207 | Class contact: David Palady.

Small Groups

Men—Tuesday Morning Study Group

Tuesdays at 6:30 a.m. | Premier Flexipac (see map)
Men gather once a week before their workday to review the lectionary texts (the Bible readings assigned throughout the calendar year on a three-year cycle).
Group contact: Bob Schmoker.

Women—Thursday Morning Study Group

Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. | Conference Room
This tightly knit group of ladies engages in seasonal studies with a focus on building relationships and walking together in faith and life.
Group contact: Jan Carpenter.

Core Ed

Presbyterian Core Education

Led by the pastoral staff, this cyclical leadership development course series is designed to educate future Presbyterian leaders and teachers in biblical literacy, Reformed faith, and the Reformed life, equipping them to work in the ministry of the church. Following a curriculum written and designed by co-teachers Stuart Baskin and Pam Leach, the class is significantly shaped by the observances and participation of the class members themselves.

Courses begin in September of each year, with an open enrollment period during July and August. Core Ed meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. during the school year; class size is limited to fifteen students and childcare is provided.
Class contact: Stuart Baskin.

Course One: Biblical Foundations

Over a thirty-week period, this course introduces the entirety of the Bible, taking a faith-based approach to learning what exactly the Bible says. With a focus on biblical narratives and themes, the course material also incorporates contextual knowledge and references critical methods of theological study.

Course Two: Foundations of Reformed Theology

This course presents the theological underpinnings of the Calvinist wing of the Protestant Reformation—the concepts by which Presbyterians interpret our selves, our God, the Bible, and our world. The course also explores the differences between Reformed theology and other Protestant traditions as a way to further elucidate the context of Presbyterian beliefs.

Course Three: Foundations of Christian Life

Getting into the nitty-gritty of leadership, this course examines matters relating to Christian practice—including polity, pedagogy, spiritual disciplines, social justice, and the missional church—with the goal of prepping future leaders for engagement in this congregation, our presbytery, and beyond.

Topic Four

Seasonal Study

Special studies are offered periodically throughout the year, often coinciding with special seasons such as Advent or Lent. Email Phyllis Kidwell for more information.

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