We CAN Do It! 2018 Souper Bowl of Caring

The Souper Bowl of Caring’s vision is to use the energy of the NFL’s Super Bowl to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and in need. One hundred percent of the donations (monetarily and canned goods) go to local ministries in our communities!

Once again, FPC-Tyler has been challenged by our friends at FPC-Athens, FPC-Plano, and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Longview to see which church can collect the most canned goods for the Souper Bowl of Caring! Throughout the entire month of January the youth are asking for your help by bringing as many canned goods and as often as you can in order for our church to win the honor of being the “Grace Presbytery Souper Bowl” Champion and to fight hunger in our communities! All collections at FPC Tyler will go to PATH. Whichever church collects the most canned goods wins the “Grace Presbytery Souper Bowl” Champion trophy and bragging rights for a year!

Through this mission, young people learn what it’s like to make a positive difference in the world—as they collect food, raise money and volunteer to work in charities that provide shelter to the homeless, food to the hungry and compassion to those in need. Our own Iris VerNooy, a 7th grade student at Moore Middle School, puts her perspective on the Souper Bowl of Caring:

I’m sure you’ve seen Tyler, even if you don’t live here. When you look around you see a lot of good deeds - people holding doors for each other, the occasional person picking up trash. But there are always bad things, too. For instance, the long line of people who get there early for free food, miserable looking people driving when you turn to check if there are cars. Even in a nice place like Tyler, there is hunger and poverty.

But that’s what the “Souper Bowl of Caring” is for! Every year on the National Football League’s Super Bowl, while they work towards points, we work towards cans! All over Tyler and Grace Presbytery, we are inviting churches to compete with us. Whichever church collects the most cans to donate gets a trophy and (the best part if you ask us) bragging rights for a year! 

The competition will take place from January 1st until February 4th! To include our (crazy) youth group, it will be a bit like a contest within a contest, with a Sunday School Showdown competing in the race for cans as well because c’mon, you can’t leave kids out of the equation!

Be part of this movement that is sharing God’s love with those in need. Give generously throughout the month of January. For more information,

Let’s get in the spirit of giving!